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Amy Steinberg





Seeking the artists life

Whether you are just beginning, continuing your creative journey or looking for a fresh outlook Embracing your Creative Heroine will guide you from an ordinary life into a creative heroine by embracing your fully realized artistic self.

Embracing your Creative Heroine will take you through six stages, based on concepts from Joseph Campbell’s, The Hero With A Thousand Faces.  Whether you need to accept yourself as an artist, look at your work with new eyes or learn a new skill, this guide is flexible enough to fit any creative journey.

Part journal, sketchbook and journey guide.  The Creative Heroine is filled with contemporary art, inspirational quotes, creative tutorials, finding intentional places of solitude through “Heart Journey’s”, meeting your “Creative Mystic”, and more. Coming in the winter of 2018.

Creature Creatures

My latest art adventure, “Creature Creatures” conceived during the fall of 2017 while recovering from a bi-lateral mastectomy. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June. I am very open about my diagnosis, recovery and complications on my Facebook page. You can always friend me there to learn more. I’m happy to say I am in recovery and currently cancer free.

These characters have lifted me, given me hope and allowed me to reach in to my imagination in ways I have been wanting for years. As I complete new characters I list them in my Etsy store or you can join my mailing list on my Contact page for occasional updates.



Original painting watercolor postcard

Win a painting

Twice a year, sometimes more I give-a-way small works, or in this case a set of original postcards. There are 12 in a set with a retail price of $120. I’ll randomly draw a name on 1/15/18 and contact you by email. Fill out my Contact page, include in the comments “Entered to Win” and you could be my next winner.

Creative Heroine

Find and learn about becoming a Creative Heroine, making creativity your life’s central tenant.


Original paintings, mixed media – works on paper, wood and reproductions – gifts for everyone.

Fabulous Frannie

One June 14th of this year I found out I had breast cancer. Since then I have been working on more playful art, things that make me laugh when I make them. Fabulous Frannie is part of this series of work. She is available in my Etsy shop now, Amy Steinberg Etsy .

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