Artist Statement

I create art to let go of my inhibitions, watch my subconscious ideas emerge, and ultimately find joy in the process. When I have a brush in my hand and a canvas in front of me, the world fades away and I don’t have to think about anything but that exact moment.

My painting process and methods have changed over the years. When I first began to paint, I spent countless hours researching subjects and planning my pieces as I conceptualized elaborate stories — it was only then that I allowed myself to pick up my brush and begin painting. This process resulted in some of my favorite pieces — stories of my Montparnasse hare dancing the streets of Paris with Alice in Wonderland, of the Chinese Opera during the reign of the last Emperor of China, and of a previous Prime Minister of India and his granddaughter.

As I’ve taken classes and experimented, I’ve learned the value of painting with abandon. Of not thinking before painting. Of picking colors that feel right and just going with it. I’ve learned the beauty of painting over something that’s just not quite right. The beauty of letting shapes and figures emerge on their own. And the beauty of sitting down with no idea what the end result will be.

With time I’ve really come into my own as an artist, and my two unique approaches to painting have fused and allowed me the freedom and flexibility that I so crave as an artist. I combine my forever love of acrylic-based mediums with collage, pencil, and oil pastel. Sometimes I research and plan, and other times I just go for it. But now, regardless of my medium or my method, I know it’s all about the process.