Artist Statement

Creation is release. Inhibitions. Subconscious emergence. Joy. With the brush fades away the world of hope and fear. There is no then. There is no coming. The brush is the only now there is.

In the beginning, countless hours researching and planning my pieces as I conceptualized these elaborate stories. The process revealed some favorite pieces — stories of my Montparnasse hare dancing the streets of Paris with Alice in Wonderland, of the Chinese Opera during the reign of the last Emperor of China, a Prime Minister of India and his granddaughter.

With education and experimentation, I’ve learned the value of abandon. No thought. Colors feel right or they do not. I’ve learned that the brush in a present moment is where the beauty lives. Shapes and figures emerge on their own. Picking up the brush with no idea of an end result.
My two unique approaches to painting have fused and allowed me the freedom and flexibility that every artist craves. My mixed marriage makes children of acrylic-based mediums with collage, pencil, and oil pastel.

We fluctuate, all. Everything is process. Art is everything.