Symbolatry - The Worship of Symbols

You could say that I worship symbols, at the very least you could say I am fascinated by symbols. I like the idea of a mystery in plain site. Remember the book The DaVinci Code? Well, that book is what got me started on this journey around symbols. While not everything in the book is accurate it still planted a seed of an idea, maybe there was more to what we see then what we think. This got me started on a quest to find out more about symbols buried in art, what I found was a rich history of symbology going back 30,000 years to the paleolithic period in Eastern Europe. People weren’t just painting on cave walls but they were also creating a rich dictionary of geometric symbols, 32 unique symbols to be exact. Paleo-anthropologist Genevie von Petzinger has the esteemed job of cataloging and researching geometric symbols found in caves around the world.

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