Embracing your Creative Heroine

Creative heroines are adventurers of artistic self exploration.  They continuously seek, find, strengthen their creativity, and live life with art as a central tenant.

Embracing your Creative Heroine is an adventurer’s guide to the artistic life.

Whether you are just beginning, continuing your creative journey, or looking for a fresh outlook,  Embracing your Creative Heroine will guide you through a transformation by embracing your fully realized artistic self.

Part book, journal and sketchbook, Embracing your Creative Heroine will take you through six stages, based on concepts from Joseph Campbell’s, The Hero With A Thousand Faces.  Whether you need to accept yourself as an artist, look at your work with new eyes, or learn a new skill, this guide is flexible enough to fit any creative journey.

What is the Creative Heroine archetype? You. A heroine who journeys to explore her deepest imagination, the dark recesses of her mind and returns with more knowledge about herself, her art and how to live the life she should

Book available:  Winter 2018