Artist Statement

Art is a way of sharing my life journey through personal symbols, color and abstraction.  Symbols are the central tenet of communication I use when painting and they have been key to human communication since the ancient people wrote their life story on cave walls over 40,000 years ago.

I’ve created a dictionary of symbols I refer to when creating, while also developing new ones during the painting process.   My hope is to expand the minds of those who have not considered alternative points of beauty, thought and styles of communication through art.


I attended Hawaii Pacific University studying Corporate Communications and recently completed classes from Harvard University, Divinity School.  I spent almost twenty years in the software industry filling positions in customer support from Director to Vice President and went on to lead a startup as CEO. Now, I dedicate my time to painting, reading, studying religion, esoteric mysticism and the works of Joseph Campbell.

My art is represented in corporate and personal collections internationally with gallery representation at Monsoon Gallery, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (2003-2012) and KALEID Gallery, San Jose, California (2018-current).  I have also been featured in multiple publications including, but not limited to ArtNews, Teen Vogue, Elle Magazine and the World of Artist Journal Pages by Dawn Sokol.